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  In May 2010, our society enlisted the aid of a Community Worker under the Kells Community Scheme to interview some of our senior citizens, who have over their long life time, experienced and remembered memories of their lifetime and stories of bygone eras handed down to them.

Over the following 12 months, our interviewer, Danny Cusack interviewed 27 people who agreed to be included in the project and were more than willing to be involved.All the interviews went very well, some had to be visited twice, they had some much to give. Interviews were digitally recorded and transcribed, with very little editing, what you see and hear is what was recorded and transcribed.

We express our gratitude to those that took part, without whose participation many stories and aspects of life would be lost forever.

As each interview is completed it will become available online.


  Mary Brady

May Caffrey

Paddy Sutton

Tom Lynch

Johnny Maguire

Gus Healy