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Hill of Loyd


Hill of Loyd

The hill, in ancient times known as Mullach Aiti, later to become Mulloyde and to the present day Loyd, was a Hillfort overlooking the River Blackwater, guarding the approaches from the Kingdom of Bréifne (Cavan) to the ancient Kingdom of Midhe (Meath). The hill is witness to some of our earliest settlements, which includes a number of Ringforts, Tumulus, cist graves, souterrains, enclosures, with a number of finds from the Neolithic period. (4000BC)

Throughout time its been a gathering place for numerous reasons including,

Queen Mauve on her epic journey known as the Tain, encamped here while the nearby forest of Crossakeel was cut down

Edward The Bruce also encamped here following his victory at the Battle of Kells in 1314

Before and after the Great Famine, hundreds of destitute people lived on the hill, much to the annoyance of the authorities.


Spire of Loyd

The 100-ft Spire of Loyd is on the summit of a hill, which is 428ft above sea level, in the townland known as the Commons of Loyd, north west of the town of Kells, Co. Meath.  The Spire was built in 1791 by the Headfort family in commemoration of their father, Lord Bective, and to provide work at a time of a local famine.  Henry Baker, who was a pupil of Gandon, designed and built the spire, which is of the lighthouse type.  It has an internal 164-step spiral staircase, with a central protective cage

Many would say it was built for other reasons, including that the Headforts could view their ships coming into Carlingford bay 50 mile away, also that they could watch horse racing down below, a bit difficult as they did not start until 1845.

On the east side of the tower facing Headfort House is the Headfort Coat of Arms with the family crest -consequitur quodquinque petit’. - `He follows what he seeks’. An inscription on the tower reads: `This pillar was designed by Henry Baker Esq. architect. It was executed by Mr. Joseph Beck, stone cutter, Mr. Owen McCabe, Head Mason, Mr. Bartle Reilly, overseer. Anno 1791’. *






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